Are you considering establishing a business in Greece and feeling lost in translation? We can assist you with all aspects related to the Greek language. Our mission also involves aiding local businesses in catching up. Many accommodations, hotels, bars, taverns, shops, and other establishments on the captivating island of Ikaria still rely on outdated approaches to attract customers. Furthermore, the language used often falls short. We specialize in crafting (and translating) captivating narratives for websites that will entice visitors to pack their bags and board the next available plane to our stunning island. On a more practical note, we create (and translate) printed materials such as menus or leaflets, while also helping our clients explore new ways of communication with their customer base. Of course, we also set up accounts on Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Yes, we even organize English/French/German/Spanish courses tailored for hotel/restaurant staff and taxi/bus drivers in the tourism industry! Although our primary focus has been on the island of Ikaria, we are, of course, available for business ventures elsewhere.

Anefanti Villas in Ikaria, one of our Greek+English copywriting projects
Ktima Spanou in Ikaria, yet another Greek+English copywriting project

In association with our friends and digital creative services providers at IkarianMEDIA.