Classic crossword puzzles

Some prices for classic puzzles in International English + lay-out:
* simple classic crossword (15*15) as from €15,-
* translation crossword 15*15 as from €60,-
* Arrow word as from €60,-
* Logic puzzles as from €5 for e.g. a Sudoku

International English

Millions of non-native speakers with different levels of fluency use the English language on a regular to daily basis. For this unserved audience we make puzzles in standard English like this one, this one and this one. Just think of it as a New York Times crossword without the clues that only native speakers tend to know.

I make

* Sudokus
* classic crosswords
* translation puzzles
* arrow words
* crossword without blocks
* cryptic crosswords
* word search
* crossword variations
* coded puzzles
* acrostichon/mesostichon
* logic puzzels


We are in control of our puzzle content. Contrary to most puzzle publishing houses, we do not work with impersonal crossword software that yields nothing but similar puzzles.

What does this mean?

* less typical clues and words
* variation
* some current events
* custom solutions
* in-house lay-out
* the best puzzle at the best price

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