Wim De Weerdt in English

Wim De Weerdt in English

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One day this will become more of a story, but for now you will have to make do with my curriculum vitae.

* crossword setter
* translator English-Spanish-Greek
* photographer, mainly macro photography
* rock DJ
* local council member on Ikaria island since 2019
* born on January 23rd, 1975 in Mortsel, Belgium
* address: Fytema, 83302 Ikaria (GR) since 2008.
* +30 6944 97 94 13
* wdeweerdt@gmail.com

Education and professional experience:
Lower and Secondary Education: Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-van-Lourdescollege, Edegem (Belgium) (A.S.O. Latin-Greek Type II). Graduated in June of 1993.

Higher education: Hoger Instituut voor Vertalers en Tolken (Higher Institute for Translators and Interpreters), Schildersstraat 41, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium. Graduated in June of 1997 with a Master Degree (Translator English, Spanish and Greek).

Thesis: ‘A commented translation of selected chapters from “Surfing on Pop Waves – een kwarteeuw popmuziek” by Gert Keunen, with an introductory survey in Dutch of Dutch and English music magazines.’ Rock music is a passion.

* Massive Showrooms Department in Wommelgem (purchaser) (Autumn of 1997-Autumn of 1998)
Not a great experience. I did learn how much profit a company makes on lighting equipment. A lot!
* Extraction De Smet in Edegem (Office Manager African Desk) (Autumn of 1998-Autumn of 2000)
This engineering firm in the field of edible oils is now called Desmet Ballestra. There I got a glimpse of what the business world is really like.
* Keesing Publishers in Antwerp (crossword editor) (Winter 2000-Autumn 2001)
Here is where it all began. We had some unforgettable projects such as the yearly news roundup puzzle for De Tijd newspaper and porn puzzles for Penthouse. I also achieved some experience as a webmaster. Around 9/11 I was told to move on, as the company was going to focus on fully automated puzzles. Then this incredible thing happened: the entire editorial staff decided to quit along with me (for which I am eternally grateful), so we ended up in…
* Patio (Concentra) in Antwerp (crossword editor) (Autumn 2001-Autumn 2003)
Publications like De Slimste Belg received unanimous claim, but an interesting project like this, with more managers than editors, was doomed to fail. My colleagues decided to look for a new job elsewhere, but I decided to stick around. And that is how I became a …
* freelance crossword setter (Autumn 2003-…)
Due to a radically changed media landscape and the dominance of certain publishers, my crossword world is no longer the same. I still have some very loyal customers, of course, but my focus has shifted to online puzzles, while and I am also actively looking for new challenges beyond the world of crosswords (translating/webmaster/copy writing).
* translator English/Spanish/Greek (Autumn 1997-…)
Since my graduation I have never stopped translating. At first I took on technical translations, but I gradually moved on to cultural translations for bands, festivals, including lyric editing. In Greece, I also do translations for local businesses (menus, websites, etc.) Between 2004 and 2011, I was the in-house translator for Rock Werchter, until I could no longer combine it with my crossword work. In 2023, I translated Leonie Joanne Brown’s book ‘Writing Towards Consciousness’ (70,000 words).
* (macro) photographer (Winter 2013-…)
I have been a photographer since 2013. I am mainly into macro photography, but I also do landscapes, photo shoots, and agency photography.

Language skills
Dutch: mother tongue (superior)
English: superior
Greek, Spanish: advanced high
French: advanced mid
German: intermediate

Computer and multimedia
Excellent knowledge of Windows 11, (Open) Office and Adobe Creative Cloud (mainly Illustrator/Photoshop), Affinity (Designer/Photo/Publisher) and WordPress. I do my own lay-out, which probably shows, but I am acquiring new skills every day.