Source languages
Dutch, English, French, German, Greek and Spanish

Target languages
Dutch, English, Greek and Spanish

– Greek/English/Spanish to Dutch: all subjects
– Greek/Dutch to English: manuals/tourism/art/culture
– English/Dutch/Spanish to Greek: art, culture, literature, tourism

Prices vary from 0.08 €/word for simple translations (tourism, menus, leaflets, pop culture…) to 0.13 €/word for specialized translations (manuals, essays, reports, deeds, art, literature…) Prices for proofreading start from as low as 0.03€/word depending on the quality of the text.

Some recent translating experience:
Dutch -> English:
artist biographies for a major rock festival in Belgium – liner notes for and rock pop bands (also proofreading)

Greek -> English:
manuals – touristic/cultural websites – notarial deeds – children’s books